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How to choose good tennis sunglasses – A must read tutorial

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Excelling in tennis, like in any sport, mainly involves talent and skill. However, these aren’t the only factors for winning. Playing against opponents who are as good as you means that you have to use all the advantage you have. One way to maximize your performance is by getting proper equipment. Most tennis players use sunglasses in order to help with their performance. They mainly serve to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight. They also provide better vision which equates to better performance. If you are searching for the best tennis sunglasses, here are the things that you should consider.

How to choose the best tennis sunglasses

Lens Type

First, the lens type of sunglasses can have a significant effect on your performance. Although most of these are enough to protect your eyes from sunlight glare, some are more effective than others. Also, some are specialized for certain functions. There are various types of lenses, but the most common ones in sports are Polycarbonate and NXT Polyurethane. These are suited for athletes because they protect your eyes from glare and have high optical clarity. One advantage of NXT Polyurethane lenses over Polycarbonate ones is that they are much lighter, but this also means that they are more expensive.

UV Protection

The main purpose of using tennis sunglasses is for protection against sunlight glare, so it’s only reasonable that this should be the first thing you have to know about. Aside from protection against sunlight glare, it also protects you from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

There are two kinds of UV rays: UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays are the most common type which is 500 times more than UVB rays. They are less harmful compared to UVB rays, but they can still cause skin and eye problems. On the other hand, UVB rays are very harmful but are not as common.… Read More

How to choose good tennis ball machines for beginners – An ultimate guide

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Tennis is a game played by a lot of people and one way to train is by using a tennis ball machine. There are some that are very affordable and they can help Tennis players of all levels. Machines range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. That is a big difference in price and just because one is more expensive then others, that doesn’t immediately mean the more expensive machine is better. So below are the factors you should consider when you ask yourself How to choose best tennis ball machine?

The first thing you’ll want to take in to account is how the machine is powered. The machine can run off A/C power or have a battery. If you choose a machine that runs off A/C power, you’ll need a power source that can keep the machine running. The advantage to a machine running off A/C power is there’s no battery to recharge. If you plan to take a machine with you to travel on high school or indoor tennis courts, then picking a machine that runs off a battery would probably be best in this situation.

The next factor that you want to take into consideration is propulsion. There are two options where the balls are ejected by a spinning wheel or air pressure. A machine that’s a spinning wheel machine is the most popular machine used today. The way the machine works is two wheels shoot the tennis ball like a pitching machine would shoot a baseball. How you adjust the speed of the wheels can have the ball be served with a spin. The wheels on this machine are easy to adjust.

The other machine is a air pressure machine. It uses air pressure to shoot the tennis ball at the player. If you go for this type of machine, it’s very unlikely you will find one running off a battery since this type of machine requires a lot of power to shoot the ball.… Read More